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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2024)

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Published: 2024-03-26

A histopathological study of bladder cancer in Uganda

B Ssekitooleko, D Namuguzi, S Kalungi, N Kiwanuka, H Muwonge, M Galukande, I Kajja, B Ssuna, F Asiimwe, BM Olika, J Kuteesa, JB Masaba, H Matumaini, H Nalwoga


Pyonephrosis: epidemiological, clinical, and therapeutic aspects at Aristide Le Dantec University Hospital Centre (Dakar)

NS Ndour, CZ Ondo, A Sarr, A Ndiath, M Ndiaye, A Athie, O Sow, M Diaw, A Thiam, B Sine, B Diao, AK Ndoye


High-risk prostate cancer and very high PSA level: results of transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy in a Cameroonian population

LO Mbouche, AA Mbassi, JCE Nkolo , J Kamga, JBM Mekeme, PJ Fouda, Z Sando, FF Angwafo III


Pathological Pelvic Kidneys

A Sarr, T Sangare, CZ Ondo, B Sine, A Thiam, O Sow, M Ndiaye, A Ndiath, M Randriantsalama, B Diao, PA Fall, AK Ndoye


Epidemiological, clinical and histopathological characteristics of bladder cancers in Conakry

TMO Diallo, MD Bah, MB Bah, A Barry, D Kanté, D Cissé, RL Gnammi, AB Diallo, OR Bah


Prevalence of and factors associated with Crystalluria at the regional hospital of Tanguieta, Benin

S Ahoui, J Sossa; IK Gandaho; WGS Allawenon, NS Houeto, E Eteka, AM Melikan, JSS Godonou, J Vigan, M Gomina


Effects of an herbal tea made up with dried Chrysanthellum afroamericanum plants on crystalluria and urinary stones

S Ahoui , IK Gandaho, J Sossa, WGS Allawenon, NS Houeto, E Eteka, AM Melikan, JSS Godonou, J Vigan, M Gomina


Congenital megaprepuce: review of the literature

M Chimhamhiwa, J Howlett, J Lazarus


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