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Published: 2023-06-29

Epidemiologic clinical and therapeutic profile of bladder cancers in two tertiary hospitals in Douala, Cameroon

FG Epoupa Ngalle, LO Mbouche, AS Nwaha Makon, EH Moby Mpah, TO Agbor, O Fola Kopong, JC Fouda, TC Taka, F Angwafo III


Practice and results of retrograde intra-renal surgery using the Uscope PU3022a single-use flexible ureteroscope and Holmium laser in the management of upper urinary tract stones: observation of a reference centre in Guadeloupe, France

S Nedjim, K Mate, MA Mahamat, H Hagguir, K Adoumadji, C Deleuze, P Mollard, G Stempfer, PG Vestris, Y Sadreux, M Laguerre, V Roux, G Gourtaud, C Senechal, A Moataz, M Dakir, A Debbagh, P Blanchet, R Aboutaieb, L Brureau


The practice of palliative TURP for advanced prostate cancer: our experience in northern Tanzania

CO Onuigbo, OJ Mbwambo, BN Ngowi, JS Mbwambo, A William, V Kajerero, AK Mteta, F Bright


Laser retrograde endopyelotomy for the treatment of Ureteropelvic junction obstruction : initial experience at Hopital General Idrissa Pouye of Dakar

M Jalloh, TAO Sow, M Ndoye, MM Mbodji, A Diallo, SA Diagne, B Sakho, M Sene, I Labou, L Niang, S Gueye


Urachal Sinus: An Uncommon Anomaly in Adults

Y Bencherki, A Moataz, M Dakir, A Debbagh, R Aboutaieb


Pelvic migration of a guide pin during an osteosynthesis for hip fracture: 2 cases

NA Ngoie, M Mbodji , M Jalloh, Y Kabeya, Y Kyungu, S Diagne, CB Gassama, M Ndoye, A Diallo, L Niang, SM Gueye, I Labou