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Published: 2022-05-26

Enhanced recovery protocol for radical cystectomy: a primer

J Lazarus, J Howlett, M Dewar, A S Salukazana, B Patel, S Bannister, K Timmerman, M Gibbs


Subcapsular renal haematoma of unusual cause: a case report

A S Nedjim, H Hagguir, E M Abdi, A Nachid, H Ait Mahanna, A Moataz, M Dakir, A Debbagh, R Aboutaieb


Testicular malakoplakia

J John, T Wantenaar, J Lazarus, K Kesner


Eosinophilic solid and cystic renal cell carcinoma – an emerging renal tumour with a good prognosis

M Du Toit, J Chiswo, S Wessels, H T Wu, J Lazarus, M L Locketz, A P Aldera